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Sharp in mind.
Intuition in business.
Faith in data.

We are helping founders to build sharp companies. Companies with the power to have a real, meaningful impact on society. Learn from the past and disrupt it.
Be digital.

# We_believe_in

Data approach

Data approach

Data are the starting point, not the end. Our team of developers and data miners work side by side with portfolio companies to find solutions to real problems based on real data.

Diversity that unites

Diversity that unites

Diversity is the art of thinking independently, but together. We share our experience and skills. We often look for unconventional synergies to find ways to grow together.



A business that is focused only on money is a poor business. We appreciate true relationships as our most precious resource.

# Portfolio

Inveo is a well-established brand on the Czech e-commerce scene, which provides online marketing solutions for large e-shops, strong multinational brands and successful start-ups.

DoDo is a data-driven logistics service specialising in Last-Mile delivery of goods to the end customer. DoDo uses the power of intelligent technologies to make the Last Mile easy and simplify the life of customers and companies.

RiverBit is focused on demand prediction, stock optimisation and logistics optimisation for retail. RiverBit provides quality forecasting, stock reduction, service level improvement and price optimisation, which brings added value and profit to our customers.

Ydistri is a cloud service that allows retailers to identify goods that won’t sell at a given branch - "deadstock". Ydistri identifies branches where this deadstock can sell for the full price using redistribution instead of being sold for high discounts or writing it off. The solution is based on probability models and sophisticated algorithms.

# Team

Míša Menšíků

Michal Menšík

Partner and CEO

Founding Partner of V# Ventures. Michal has been in business for over 12 years. He founded and successfully exited the Czech Republic’s 2nd largest discount aggregator Slevin.cz. After ten successful years in the agency business, Michal bought the startup DoDo, and under his leadership, DoDo has achieved triple-digit growth. Michal is a visionary who sees an opportunity, where others see the problem.

Marius von Megelsson

Mario Megela

Partner for Business Development

Founding Partner of V# Ventures. Mario’s passion is connecting the world of technology and business. He has more than 15 years of experience with leading digital and internet projects across the world. Mario is a people person and focuses on long term relationships with partners using his knowledge of IT systems and customer needs to add maximum value.

Jeníček Déma

Jan Demuth

Partner and Head of IT

Founding Partner of V# Ventures. Over the last ten years, he has gained extensive experience in business analysis and managing digital products and projects. He set the course of development in many projects for key e-shop players on the market. For Jan, data are the holy grail, that turns information into insights, enhancing business.


The companies that excite us the most are technology companies that rethink the way we live and work. Especially in logistics, B2B, e-commerce and marketplaces.

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